5/18 at The Gathering

Blake Coffee taught on Sunday, May 18.  The video and listening guide from that lesson is below.

Venture Lesson (Blake Coffee)

Never Too Dead

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Ezekiel’s dry bones represent times when it is way too late for any hope at all. That’s when God is at His very best.

God seems to prefer working as a team…it is His nature to involve His people in His miraculous work. Do the small things He asks you to do.

Rest assured, God still has work for you. Even when your own circumstances seem beyond hopeless, He intends to use you to help someone else.

Praying for others is not a last resort, nor is it usually the only resort. But it is always the most important and most powerful resort.

There is no greater promise, no more encouraging word, than to have God’s very Spirit living in us and in His people around us.



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