5/25 at The Gathering

Blake Coffee taught on Sunday, May 25.  The video and listening guide from that lesson, are below.

Venture Lesson (Blake Coffee)

Reunited (And it Feels so Good)

Ezekiel 43:1-9

When God permits there to be consequences of our wrong choices, He can feel very far away from us. But He is not. Ever.

In this “age of the church”, when the Spirit of God inhabits His people, God is never more accessible than through community with His people.

Being restored in our relationship to God is more than just about safety and security…it is a feeling of “rightness” in every area of our life.

Being reconciled to God’s people, reunited with the community of believers, brings a renewed sense of God’s Spirit living in those people.

Reconciliation (with God or with a brother) always includes a commitment to learn from this brokenness and to do better. 


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