Who We Are

We are a group of adults who gather together each week to study the Bible, to minister, and to build friendships. We are located in downtown San Antonio and are a ministry of FBCSA. We are adults of all ages, both married and single, all walks of life, and all different “places” in our walk with Christ. We are all imperfect, flawed in lots of ways. If you are imperfect, you will fit in nicely here.

We are a blend of traditional and contemporary Bible Study. We are traditional in the sense that we meet  every Sunday morning and study the same passage of scripture that the other Sunday morning bible study classes in our church are studying. We are non-traditional in that we meet in our church gym (First Baptist Church, San Antonio) and are  a little more casual in our atmosphere.

We love people. All people. If you like making new friends and sitting around tables, sipping coffee and discussing the Bible, you will love the gathering. No pressures, no twisting your arm to join a church, no hitting you over the head with our beliefs…just a loving, safe environment to explore the Bible and to figure out how it applies to our every-day lives.

Come and check us out if you like. We welcome everyone. But be warned about a couple of things: if you are perfect, i.e., if you have no problems at all, you probably won’t like us. Also, if you want to remain anonymous, you won’t like being here…because we don’t do anonymity very well.

Come and see for yourself.

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