What We Do

We have five purposes, five objectives which we work to fulfill:

INVITE LogoINVITE new people.

We love making new friends and part of our mission is to invite new people to come and explore the Bible with us. We are NOT an exclusive club by any means, in fact we are just the opposite. If we are not growing and adding new faces among us constantly, then we are missing the mark. Our intention is to be a safe place where new people feel at ease.

LEAD LogoLEAD people toward Christ.

Every one of us, from the most mature Christian to the strongest atheist, has a next step to take toward God. One of our objectives is to help each other take that next step, whatever it may look like.  We purpose to stay connected with each other so that we can help each other (i.e., lead each other) in this Spiritual pilgrimage.

TEACH LogoTEACH effectively.

We study the Bible together and discuss it together, but we also bring in knowledgeable teachers who can help us understand the context of a passage and who can give us a “big picture” which we may otherwise miss in our discussion.  We believe we each learn at one level when we read the scripture, at another level when we hear it taught, and at another level when we then speak its truths into one another’s lives.

MINISTER LogoMINISTER to each other.

We are friends to each other. It really is that simple.  We intend to establish friendships with you from the first time you visit.  When one of us is going through a difficult or painful time, he/she can expect that there will be friends from the gathering who want to help. Nobody in the gathering goes through difficulties alone. We are intentional about being there for one another.

INVOLVE LogoINVOLVE each other in ministry to others.

Our world is full of human need and human suffering. We believe one of our purposes is to help meet those needs around us, to add value to others’ lives however we can. In order to do this, we have many ministry projects in which we participate throughout the year.

We have a variety of activities and studies and other things going on throughout the year, but we are always intentional about these five objectives. They are important to us.

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